Kinnva’s innovative methane conversion platform™ is leading the development of value added sustainable products such as feed protein and bioplastics.
Half of the fish that humans eat are farmed, and many of these fish require a high-protein diet. Traditionally, aquaculture feeds contain approximately 30 per cent fish caught in the wild and ground up into fishmeal. More recently, in an effort to ease pressure on declining ocean fish stocks, aquaculturists have turned to protein-rich plant crops such as soybeans as replacements for fishmeal. The challenge is soy-rich meal can lead to gut inflammation in many farmed species, resulting in lower growth and survival rates.
Key Highlights of KinnFeed™

  • High quality protein from a novel source
  • Protein profile similar to fishmeal
  • No genetic manipulation
  • Complete traceability
  • Stable production process
  • Environment friendly & sustainable
Kinnva’s biochemicals for plastics are biodegradable, made from a stable production process which is environment friendly & sustainable.